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Invest in custom cabinet designs for your home in Eau Claire, WI

Do you want your kitchen to look like it comes straight out of an interior design magazine? You'll be amazed at how big of a difference custom cabinets and countertops can make for your space. Enjoy a modern and luxurious space with custom cabinet designs and installations from Acre Point Cabinetry and Countertops.

Our local cabinet store in Eau Claire, WI can help you personalize your kitchen, bathroom or bar with custom cabinets and countertops. We offer custom cabinet installations, commercial cabinet services, prefabricated cabinet services, custom countertop installations & more. Visit our store today to see for yourself what we can offer.

Explore the services we offer in more detail

Our custom cabinet designs are tailored to meet your unique style and functional needs. You can expect expert craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail when you hire us to design and install custom cabinets or countertops for your residential or commercial property. We can also craft custom millwork and install prefabricated cabinets.

We'll work hard to bring your vision to life for your space. For a free consultation on our cabinetry services, contact us today.

Why choose us?

You can make us your one-stop shop for any cabinetry-related projects. Contractors and property owners choose us because:

We have nearly a decade of experience
We're fully licensed and insured
We're reliable and transparent
We do it all, from designs to installations
We can cater to client design requests

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